Heading to #ACSM13

As mentioned yesterday, I will attending the annual scientific meeting of the American College Sports Medicine this week.  I was extremely impressed with last year’s conference in San Francisco, so I’m really looking forward to attending again this year.

This year I’ll be giving two presentations:

1.  A poster presentation on a recent PLOS ONE paper examining whether sedentary behaviour predicts the accumulation of visceral fat over time.  Hint: it did not.  In contrast to the poster presentations I’ve done in the past, this one will be a “thematic” poster, meaning that I will essentially be giving a 5 minute oral presentation while people  Details on that study here.  I will be presenting in Session B-18 (Sedentary Behavior: Effects on Health), which takes place at Wednesday, May 29, from 1:00-3:00pm.

2.  A symposium presentation on experimental evidence in sedentary behaviour research.  The session is F-04, Sedentary Behavior and Cardiometabolic Risk: Emerging Experimental Evidence, and takes place on Friday from 1pm-3pm.  We’ll be focusing on intervention studies that force people to increase/decrease their level of sedentary behaviour.  If you’ve enjoyed previous posts like this one on the metabolic impact of prolonged sitting, then you will definitely enjoy this symposium.  My talk will focus on evidence in kids (leaning heavily on my thesis research), while David Dunstan, Kate Lyden and Sara Kozey-Keadle will focus on various aspects of sedentary behaviour and health in adults.  The session will be chaired by Neville Owen, so it will hopefully be an excellent session.

There appear to be a ton of sedentary behaviour sessions this year, so I think it will be another excellent conference for me this year.  If you are attending the conference be sure to leave a comment below with the details on your own presentation.  If you see me at the conference be sure to say hello (or let me know when I can come say hello) as it’s always nice to put a face to Twitter handles!

Hope to see some of you soon!



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3 Responses to Heading to #ACSM13

  1. Fran Melmed says:

    I’m not able to attend your session, but I’d like to learn more about the second one. Will you and the others post your information anywhere?

    @GetHotseatApp || @femelmed

  2. Travis says:

    Hi Fran,

    If you’re at the conference, I know that ACSM records a lot of the talks and you can purchase the audio from a table near the registration area. I’ll be presenting some unpublished data, so I’m not able to share it online just yet (I think that Sarah and Kate are presenting unpublished data as well), so that might be the best option at the moment.


    • Fran Melmed says:

      Hi Travis.

      I won’t be there. It’s outside my bailiwick: workplace wellness. I’m interested in the topic since I created a mobile- and web-based tool to help insert regular breaks into employees’ days. I’ll keep watching here to see what data’s shared! Thanks so much.