Phoebe Rose Rocks

Phoebe Rose (source)

A brief but important diversion from obesity and physical activity today.

This above picture is of a little girl named Phoebe.  She was diagnosed with cancer ( high risk Infant Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia) at just 9 weeks of age, and has been receiving treatment for well over 2 years at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario and Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto. I first learned about Phoebe through my wife, who teaches Phoebe’s sister.   Phoebe’s mother Jenny keeps a wonderful blog on her treatment, titled Phoebe Rose Rocks.  If you have a second (and even if you don’t), please take a minute to head over and read about Phoebe and her family.

The next step in Phoebe’s treatment involves traveling to Philadelphia.  As you can imagine, Phoebe’s parents have taken time off work to help take care of her.   They are fundraising money to help cover the costs associated with her treatment, and life in general (keep in mind that they have another daughter as well).  They have setup a Paypal page where you can donate here.  If you have a few spare dollars lying around, this is an excellent opportunity to put it to good use.  I’m sure that Phoebe and her parents would greatly appreciate it.  There are many worthwhile causes, and this is certainly one of them.

And if you happen to have a blog or other foothold in social media, please consider linking to the Phoebe Rose Rocks blog.


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