Is Obesity A Disease? Debate Video Now Online

As most of our readers will know, earlier this month we hosted a debate between Drs Arya Sharma and Jacqui Gingras titled “Is Obesity A Disease?”.  The full video of that debate is now online, and available on youtube.  I have also embedded the video below (email subscribers can view the video on the blog). Huge thanks to Joseph Abdulnour for the excellent job he did with the video, which did a great job of capturing both the debaters and the Q&A.

The original video was a huge file (11 gigs), so I had to downgrade the quality a bit to make it a more manageable upload.  I’ve still got the high resolution version though, so if anyone is interested in showing the debate to their class or anywhere else that resolution might be important, just send me a note and I’ll get you a copy.

And don’t forget that (like everything on this blog network), this video uses a creative commons attribution license.  So feel free to show this debate, or portions thereof, wherever you like.  You can also edit it, so long as you give attribution to the original source (Joseph Abdulnour).

Finally, I have also embedded the audio-only version of the deabte below (email subscribers can listen by visiting the blog itself). It’s a long file (just shy of 2 hours) so I would strongly suggest downloading the file (click here) to listen to it on the go, or simply subscribe to the Obesity Panacea podcast in itunes (click here).

You can find my my personal recap on the debate recap here.


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