Build your own bike desk for $4.99

Two years ago Peter reported on our friend and colleague Katya Herman, who had built herself the above bike desk for about $40 (bike not included).  All you needed was a bike, a wind/mag trainer, and the secret ingredient:

the special secret ingredient to the Herman Cycling Computer Desk is… ironing board. That’s right – the ironing board is not just for ironing your socks, as it can also double as a laptop stand. In case you don’t own one (like yours truly – really who irons anymore?) then you can purchase this archaic device online for under 40 dollars.

Recently Katya emailed to let us know that she has improved her design, and I thought it would be worth sharing here.

Equipment needed:

  1. Nylon strong
  2. Bungee cord
  3. IKEA Brada laptop support

Assuming that you have some sort of string kicking around, the only thing you actually need to buy is the laptop support, which can be purchased for a whopping $4.99 (If you really want to keep costs down, I think they might actually give you free twine at IKEA to help tie up your stuff).  In her email, Katya noted that the new model was better because it was far more space efficient (the laptop support takes up a lot less room than an ironing board!) and she now has access to her handle bars even when the laptop support is attached.

Below are two pictures that Katya was nice enough to include in her email.

$4.99 Bike Desk, courtesy Katya Herman

$4.99 Bike Desk, courtesy Katya Herman

I have a bike trainer that I use for workouts when the weather is particularly nasty (mainly in winter), and also when I want to get in a quick workout while simultaneously getting some reading or course planning done.  In fact, I spent about 40 minutes on the bike while making my teaching plans for weekly labs this year and found it quite a good way to be active while getting work done.  However I have yet to try to convert it into an actual desk that will support my laptop.  It might be worth a try!

I should also add that the bike desk wouldn’t need to be restricted to actual “workouts” – you could also use it to simply pedal at an extremely light workload throughout the day.  I use a small pedal machine under my own desk from time to time to accomplish the same task, although I’ll admit that I don’t do it nearly as often as I’d like (standing desks really are the way to go for reducing workplace sedentarism!).

Huge thanks to Katya for keeping us posted on her ever-evolving bike desk.  Let us know if you’ve tried something similar, or if you have any tips for would-be bike desk users!


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3 Responses to Build your own bike desk for $4.99

  1. shawmutt says:

    This always reminds me of a guy that lost 40 lbs by “Warbiking”. He set up a recumbent exercise bike to ride while he played World of Warcraft.

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