Canadian Obesity Network Student Meeting Now Accepting Abstracts

A quick note to let people know that the Canadian Obesity Network Student and New Professional Meeting will be hosted in Edmonton this June, and abstracts are now being accepted.

I attended the last student meeting here in Ottawa and it was nothing short of fantastic. Which is not surprising given the focus that the Canadian Obesity Network places on trainee development in general. While the conference is aimed mainly at students, the level of presentations were excellent, and quite frankly better than what I’ve seen at a number of other larger non-student conferences.  There was also a large number of professors and other established professionals at the event, which made it an excellent opportunity for networking.

Also, I should note that the event is not restricted to Canadians.  For example, the last meeting in Ottawa brought in a number of international researchers, including Dr Nelson Nardo Junior, who has since developed strong links with a number of scientists here in Canada.  Nelson is a former Obesity Panacea Podcast guest, and you can hear more from him in the audio player below (email subscribers can hear the interview on the blog itself).

So please go check out the conference website, submit an abstract, and head to the City of Champions this June.


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