Who can do more pushups: Michelle Obama or Ellen DeGeneres?

Over the past few days, a number of people have sent me a video of the push-up competition that went down on the daytime show, Ellen, between the show’s host and the first lady, Michelle Obama.

Although one of the women technically did a greater number of push-ups, quite the debate has arisen online surrounding the form used in performing the exercise.

To be perfectly honest, regardless of how ideal their form may have been, for women in their late 40’s to mid 50’s to easily do more push-ups (a very popular exercise among men) than most guys in their 20’s and 30’s is certainly inspiring – not to mention intimidating.

Check the video for yourself:

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3 Responses to Who can do more pushups: Michelle Obama or Ellen DeGeneres?

  1. Travis Saunders, MSc, CEP says:

    Michelle Obama is known for being fit, but I was personally extremely impressed with Ellen – I don’t know many undergraduate men who could keep up with either of those ladies.

    For the record I just maxed out at 30.

  2. Jim Birch says:

    Push up counts favour the thin who less weight to lift. Michelle strong, for her sex and body weight, plus thin. And fit.

  3. Susanne says:

    I saw the video too (on Youtube, don’t watch Ellen) and thought it was great fun, and also very impressive for women, not just their age but any adult woman: women tend to be much weaker in upper bodies than men. I am a little comforted to hear about your undergrad men! I’m a fairly fit — I like to think — 43 yo female and I can only do 12 full-body pushups, and can’t get down to the correct form 90-degree arms for those either. So I also do the “girly pushups”, with knees down, in order to work the full range of motion.

    I think a lot of the criticism is really politically motivated; there’s also a persistent meme among a certain type of conservative commentator that MO is fat. Simultaneously fat and a health-fitness dictator, you see — their little joke.