Happy Birthday, George!

Peter and I do our best to stay on-topic here on Obesity Panacea, but I hope everyone will allow me a brief diversion so that I can wish my good buddy George LeFeuvre a very happy 70th birthday.

George is a fascinating guy – originally from the Burin Peninsula in Newfoundland, he and his wife Irene spent most of their working years in Labrador City.  While he was there he began setting tracks at the local cross-country ski club, which eventually led to his participation as a volunteer track setter at the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary. After that he continued to work at major ski races around the world, including all but one Olympics between 1988 and 2010 (he was a senior member of the crew in Vancouver, where his wonderful wife Irene also served as a volunteer), and multiple World Championships.  As a result George has been witness to some of the best athletes in history, including the incomparable Bjørn Dæhlie.

George and Irene came into my life when they began spending their summers at the cottage next to my family’s cottage (or “camp”, as well call it in New Brunswick) when I was a baby.  They have essentially been members of our family ever since, and my sister and I often refer to them as our surrogate grandparents.  Our families celebrate Christmas and birthdays together, and spend most of the summer eating together around an over-sized picnic table. In the winters George would pull our family behind his giant track-setting Ski-Doo on downhill skis, and in the summer he taught us to water ski behind his boat and took us all on trips around Grand Lake.

We spent a lot of time with George and Irene over the years, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to see them (or the rest of my family) as much as I’d like since I moved away to go to university in 2002.  Since I won’t be there to celebrate with them this weekend, I just wanted to take a moment to wish George a very happy birthday.

Happy birthday, George!


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