“We Need to Stop Arranging Society Around Ridiculous Choices”

Today we have another Obesity Panacea podcast!  In this episode my guest is Michele Simon, a public health lawyer and the author of Appetite for Profit.  This episode focuses on Michele’s view of public-private partnerships, which she recently summarized on twitter thusly:

re: industry-funded research…in 3 words: don’t do it

This podcast wasn’t meant to be a direct follow-up to my recent conversation with Dr Diane Finegood (who is advocating for increased dialog and trust between researchers and industry), but it definitely offers up some compelling cons to Diane’s pros.  Michele brought up many excellent points, and in my opinion this was probably the most interesting interview we’ve had on the podcast to date.  As with all content on the blog, this interview does not necessarily represent the views of any organization that Peter or I are affiliated with.

As usual you can hear the podcast here on the blog (email subscribers will need to visit the blog itself to see the video player), download the file directly here, or access the podcast via itunes.  This episode runs 21 minutes, so it should fit nicely in your commute or lunch-hour walk.  And like everything on the blog, this podcast is covered by a creative commons license so feel free to auto-tune it into the next big thing.

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Enjoy the podcast!


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