Building Trust Between Industry and Research – Good or Bad Idea?

Today we have another podcast from the Canadian Obesity Summit which took place earlier this year in Montreal.  In this episode I talk with Dr Diane Finegood, an obesity researcher at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver who is involved in a series of workshops aimed at building trust between obesity researchers and industry.

This is obviously a highly contentious issue, and one that we’ve done our best to avoid here on the blog (although it played a large part in our decision to move Obesity Panacea off Scienceblogs).  The reason that I’ve personally tried to avoid it is that I’m simply unsure how I feel in general about public-private partnerships as they relate to obesity research. I’m open to the idea that these partnerships can result in a net benefit for the public good. Although as our friend Yoni Freedhoff likes to point out, they often don’t (that may be putting it mildly).

As an obesity researcher your position on these issues can play a large role in defining what questions you choose to examine (and how you choose to examine them), so I’ve been hesitant to take a public stance before I can really nail down my feelings on the issue.  All of which is to say that I enjoyed talking with Diane because she does make some compelling arguments for at least trying to engage with industry, and I’m guessing that we’ll see some compelling arguments opposing her views in the comments.

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