Podcast Episode 25 – Discussing Brazilian Obesity Research With Nelson Nardo Jr

Dr Nelson Nardo Junior

Today the Obesity Panacea podcast hits episode # 25, and to celebrate we have an interview with Brazilian obesity researcher Nelson Nardo Junior of Universidade Estadual de Maringá.  Nelson was in town for the Canadian National Obesity Summit (more podcasts from the Summit in the coming weeks), and he is also a good friend of Zach Ferraro and Angela Alberga, two colleagues of mine here in Ottawa. Angela and Zach have actually traveled to Brazil to work with Nelson and his students, and you can read about their very cool experience here.

In this podcast Nelson and I discuss obesity in Brazilian society, as well as the work that he and his students are doing at UEM.  As usual you can listen to the podcast here on the blog, download the file here, or subscribe to the podcast via itunes.

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Nelson also gave a brief message in Portuguese, which I have separated from the rest of the podcast for any Portuguese speakers who’d like to jump straight to it.

Thanks to Dr Nardo for taking the time to speak with me during his busy visit to Ottawa.  Enjoy the podcast!


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