Canadian Obesity Network Award Winner Jean-Philippe Chaput

The below interview is with Dr Jean-Philippe Chaput, who last night received the New Investigator Award at the National Obesity Summit in Montréal, Québec (as with the videos I posted earlier today, this one was produced by Dr Paul Boisvert).  In this interview Dr Chaput recaps some of his most interesting research, including his work suggesting that short sleep and video games promote excessive caloric intake and obesity (for more on his recent research into the impact of video games, check out this recent post by Dr Arya Sharma).  Dr Chaput is a colleague of mine in Ottawa, and it’s very exciting to be able to work with someone who is doing such interesting work on a wide range of obesity-related topics. Enjoy the interview!

To follow the latest discussion from the National Obesity Summit in real time, follow the #con11 hashtag on twitter, or simply click here.


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