Lifestyle modification is core to obesity management

Reporting from the Canadian National Obesity Summit

This morning in a session entitled, “Medical management of obesity in Canada – strategies and success,” Deanne Otrman, a clinical dietitian from Halifax made a key point that I have certainly heard before might be worth a brief mention.

There are broadly 3 options available for managing obesity: lifestyle modification, pharmacotherapy, and finally bariatric surgery. What is often overlooked, however, is that lifestyle modification (alterations in diet and physical activity patterns) should be included in ALL obesity management. That is, even if someone is undergoing bariatric surgery, they should change their lifestyle to hope for any meaningful long-term success. Indeed, a common diagram used to describe treatment options, the so-called obesity treatment pyramid, includes lifestyle modification at its base to reflect this point.

Thus, regardless of what option you choose for managing your obesity, lifestyle modification should be a primary focus.


Note: To follow the conference in real-time, please look for the #con11 hashtag on Twitter.

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