Preventing Obesity Part 3: Nutrition (Podcast #21)

Dr Angelo Tremblay

Today we have Part 3 in our 4 part series on obesity prevention with Universite Laval obesity researcher Angelo Tremblay (Part 1, which focused on the relationship between sleep and obesity, can be found here.  Part 2, discussing the role of mental work in the development of obesity, can be found here).

In today’s episode Dr Tremblay discusses his experience creating healthy school lunches, as well as his misgivings about the role that the demonization of obesity may play in the development of unhealthy food-related behaviours.  It’s worth noting that this section of the presentation focuses more on his experience with recent nutrition-related projects than on any particular nutrition-related panacea for obesity.  It’s still a fascinating talk, just don’t expect any revelations about any revolutionary new diet plans.

As with the previous presentations, the presentation can be listened to as a typical audio-only podcast, or it can be viewed as a webinar with powerpoint slides. This week’s presentation is approximately 10 minutes, so it should be easy digestible during the lunch-hour or mid-afternoon break.

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As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts and comments. Enjoy the podcast, and don’t forget to check-in for next week’s podcast on “preventive” pharmacology!


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4 Responses to Preventing Obesity Part 3: Nutrition (Podcast #21)

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  3. Great show! God knows our kids need healthier lunches in school. The food they feed them is so toxic, so processed, so nutrient-deficient it’s amazing so many kids actually survive our school systems. What a great nutrition podcast!