Coming Next Week: An Obesity Panacea Series on Sedentary Behavior

Just a quick note to let everyone know that next week we are planning a series focusing on another one of our favourite topics – sedentary behaviour (aka sedentary behavior).  Our last series on metabolically healthy obesity was a ton of fun, and we’re hoping that this new series will be no different.  If you have any thoughts, questions, or comments on the topic before the series begins, feel free to post them here.


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6 Responses to Coming Next Week: An Obesity Panacea Series on Sedentary Behavior

  1. Nice! I am looking forward to it !

  2. Leslie Cook says:

    I’d love to see your take on kids walking to and from school. My personal opinion is that these trips help break up the sedentary time – which so crucial when we ask our kids to sit for so long at school and then come home and do homework before they can go outside to play…

  3. Sarah says:

    Oooh! This is interesting to me. My weight came off with exercise (nothing insane, lots of walking) but I was pretty active. Years later my knee is twice my age (I’m 34) and I am no longer active. Sedentary at my best. Still, I’m keeping off over 180 pounds and have been for 6 years. The first couple years of maintenance still involved working out, cardio and even some strength training. However since ’08 there has been no consistent exercise and several surgeries with prolonged recoveries that leave me weaker on the other side. Muscle is so hard to build yet so easy to lose…

    I often feel like misfit that I have been able to keep this weight of while being a lump on a log. I look forward to what you folks have to say, even if conclusion I draw is that I should be exercising… :)

  4. Carey says:

    Looking forward to it.
    One thing that I often find confusing that I hope you can clarify a bit, is that when recommendations are made for physical activity / exercise, it’s often unclear whether they are talking about a separate “exercise” time in addition to a generally active lifestyle, or the total amount of physical activity in a day. 30-60 minutes a day of “exercise” sounds pretty healthy; 30-60 minutes a day of any kind of physical activity (stairs, dishes, gardening, walking, cleaning) sounds pretty minimal. And I’m never quite sure which is being referred to.

    • Travis says:

      Great questions, Carey, and honestly I’m not 100% sure myself. From my understanding, the current guidelines are for “moderate to vigorous” physical activity, which cuts out a lot of those things like dishwashing. That’s not to say that those activities aren’t important from a health perspective though, which is one of the reasons that I think it’s so important we focus on not online increasing physical activity, but decreasing sedentary behaviour. I’ll go a bit deeper into this on Monday, so hopefully that will help answer your questions as well.

  5. Carol says:

    I’m looking forward to the series. I’d like to see the series examine the effect of sedentary behavior relative to weight maintenance.