Childhood Obesity Is An Epidemic That Can and Will Be Stopped!

I am a product of the 1980’s.  Like many of my generation, I used to be really into the WWF (now the WWE).  Brett Heart, Yokozuna, Tatanka – I loved them all. One particularly impressive wrestler was Rowdy Roddy Piper.  Roddy Piper has won a lot of fights in his day, and he has decided to turn his attention to childhood obesity – an epidemic which he says can and will be stopped!  He describes this new fight in his inimitable way in the below video (email subscribers will need to visit the blog to view the video).

One surprisingly positive/evidence-based aspect of the clip is that he is focusing on changing behaviour (e.g. eating healthier food), rather than simply focusing on the outcome (e.g. body weight).  Not bad, Roddy Piper.

Have a great weekend!  Hat tip to Joel Barnes for sending the video my way.


PS – We realize that we’ve gone a bit crazy with the videos this past week – a bug at PLoGs had been preventing us from posting videos until last week, and we obviously had a bit of a back-log :)

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2 Responses to Childhood Obesity Is An Epidemic That Can and Will Be Stopped!

  1. Stephanie says:

    Oh goodness! Roddy…you are a funny cookie! I might say that body slams to a child for eating chips is scary, but it does brings me back to WWF in the 80’s.

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