Daily Exercise Provides Relief From All Pain

I came across these incredibly odd Thai physical activity PSA’s earlier this week and had to share them.  They are funny, weird, non evidence-based, and more than a little disturbing.  But they are still pretty awesome.

Have a great weekend!


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5 Responses to Daily Exercise Provides Relief From All Pain

  1. WRG says:

    Very, very interesting.

    It’s interesting that since Thailand is a country with (probably) fewer overweight people than in western countries, a clearly skinny, underweight man was in the first commercial. Here in North American, everyone’s first instinct would be to show an “overweight” person as being automatically unhealthy.

  2. Jen DiNallo says:

    I love your website. I have actually used this Thai clip in the Exercise Psych class I teach at PSU!

  3. mangrist says:

    This makes me want to take up arm-wrestling.

  4. Ken Zelez says:

    These are fantastic. I will be sure to share them. Thank you!

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