Daily Exercise Provides Relief From All Pain

I came across these incredibly odd Thai physical activity PSA’s earlier this week and had to share them.  They are funny, weird, non evidence-based, and more than a little disturbing.  But they are still pretty awesome.

Have a great weekend!


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5 Responses to Daily Exercise Provides Relief From All Pain

  1. WRG says:

    Very, very interesting.

    It’s interesting that since Thailand is a country with (probably) fewer overweight people than in western countries, a clearly skinny, underweight man was in the first commercial. Here in North American, everyone’s first instinct would be to show an “overweight” person as being automatically unhealthy.

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  2. Jen DiNallo says:

    I love your website. I have actually used this Thai clip in the Exercise Psych class I teach at PSU!

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  3. mangrist says:

    This makes me want to take up arm-wrestling.

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  4. Ken Zelez says:

    These are fantastic. I will be sure to share them. Thank you!

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