Neuroanthropology at the Annual AAA Meeting in San Francisco

A lot of neuroanthropology in San Francisco this week at the annual American Anthropological Association meeting.

-A neuroanthropology-themed booth in the exhibit hall
-Our session Brains in the Wild
-An initial meeting of the Neuroanthropology interest group

The Brain/Culture Booth

Sarah Mahler, Greg and I will all work our Brain/Culture booth in the exhibit hall Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Come find us at Booth 502. That’s right next to Bone Clones!

We are:

Featuring new publications and websites documenting emerging multidisciplinary approaches to brain-culture connections, particularly enculturation and neuroanthropology.

The Exhibit Hall hours are:

•Thursday 11:00am-3:30PM and 5pm- 7:00pm
•Friday 9:00am-5:00pm
•Saturday: 9:00–4:00pm

The best time to catch me is Thursday or Friday!

Sarah will feature her innovative and accessible book Culture as Comfort and Greg and I will talk The Encultured Brain: An Introduction to Neuroanthropology.

All three of us also want to talk about how to push neuroanthropology and integrative approaches forward, from online initiatives to making contacts with people to new research projects. So please stop by!

Brains in the Wild Session

Saturday morning at 8AM Brains in the Wild: The Challenges of Neuroanthropology will feature Greg, Sarah, and myself, as well as Jeff Snodgrass and Christopher Lynn. The session will take place in the room Golden Gate 4, which is in the Golden Gate Foyer on the Lobby Level.

Anthropology brings neuroscience out of the laboratory and the clinic and into engagement with everyday life, while the insights from understanding learning, memory, and neuroplasticity can strengthen how anthropologists address questions of human variation, thought, and meaning.

Neuroanthropology Interest Group

Right after the Brains in the Wild session we will convene the first meeting of the Neuroanthropology Interest Group. This builds on the success of the Neuroanthropology Facebook Interest Group, which is already over 700 strong.

The meeting is unofficial. We can plan for the future and have a chance to meet and network. We will sally forth from the session itself, so if you want to be part of the interest group meeting, at least show up right at the end of the session. Everyone welcome!

I’m not sure where we will actually get together. I’ll update if we decide on a specific place for Saturday at 10; hopefully once I get to see what the conference and surrounding areas are like, the options will become clearer.

Other Events of Note

The Digital Anthropology Interest Group Meeting Friday 12:15-1:45

The session Sharing Anthropology: Theorizing Anthropological Research in the Age of Social Media Saturday at 4:00PM. A great line-up of anthropology bloggers and social media types!

Three sessions from the Alcohol, Drugs and Tobacco Study Group

And thirty-six events that feature the word “brain” in one context or another!

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