Join the DANG! Digital Anthropology Meeting at 2012 AAAs

The first meeting of DANG – the Digital Anthropology Group – will take place later this week at the American Anthropological Association conference in San Francisco. We will meet 12:15 – 1:30 on Friday November 16th in Continental 1 for an organizational meeting.

The Digital Anthropology Group got started this past spring. It has dual aims: to develop an interest group within the AAA, and to push forward broader initiatives on digital anthropology outside any particular professional organization.

DANG joins together a range of people:

-Researchers studying our digitally-mediated lives
-Anthropologists who use digital technologies and communications as part of their research and teaching
-Scholars who advocate for increasing open access
-And more. If your work intersects with the digital realm in any way, then you too can be DANG.

At the business meeting, we will hack out the outline for our mission statement. Please show up so your interests get well represented! We also want to plan sessions for future meetings, and to network among ourselves about potential initiatives to push DANG forward.

Digital anthropology is well represented at this year’s AAAs. Matt Thompson on the Digital Anthropology website already posted Digital Events at the 2012 AAAs.

The Media in Motion Innovent, and digital storytelling in general, are going to be a major part of the Saturday schedule! This approach looks fantastic for both research and teaching.

I also want to highlight the Saturday afternoon session Sharing Anthropology: Theorizing Anthropological Research in an Age of Social Media. A lot of anthropology bloggers at that one!

There is a lot more – a search of “digital anthropology” in the preliminary program yielded 93 results. Check that if you really want to explore!

Image Credit: San Francisco Digital City Browser

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