On Soul Music and Human Sexuality (Yes, Research)

This evening I find myself in the unusual spot where my wonderful mother – gone many a year now – provides inspiration again, in the unlikeliest of ways. Who knew that some (only some!) of her musical tastes in the 1970s would fill my mind tonight, and give me insight into a doctoral proposal for research on sexuality that I am reading? Yet that is the case. Thank you, Mom.

So, the paean to her.

Barry White, Never, Never Gonna Give Ya Up

This YouTube comment made me laugh out loud: “im male and i got pregnant just listening to this”

Isaac Hayes, Shaft

Marvin Gaye, Let’s Get It On

And one for me, after she died, that always brought back memories.

The Commodores, Nightshift

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5 Responses to On Soul Music and Human Sexuality (Yes, Research)

  1. Your mom had great taste.

  2. Barbara says:

    Music & memories of your mom- what a powerful, entangled combination, Daniel.
    (Typed while listening happily to “Nightshift,” and thinking about long-missed parents.)

  3. Justin says:

    This volume on music, companionship and the brain, is really good, and has helped me out a heap with my dissertation (which i’m currently struggling to finish!) ,

  4. I always think it is an incredible quirk of human nature that some of the lessons and guidance that we receive during our lives from the wise people we love and miss only really sink in when they are gone because we weren’t receptive at the time. Sometimes a sight, sound or particular feeling can bring about a realisation like “ah… that’s what they were going on about all the time! I get it now!” Beautiful.