Neuroanthropology Blog on Facebook – Shorter Posts, More Fun

The Neuroanthropology blog is now on Facebook. Greg and I have the site all set up, and have taken advantage of Facebook as a place to do short posts and pass along interesting links. We hope to continue that trend, where we do quick posts over there and more substantive stuff here on PLOS. We’ve inserted an RSS Facebook feed here, just to the right, so you can see what we are up to over on Facebook.

This morning I wrote a critical take on the NYT Sunday op-ed, Did Your Brain Make You Do It?, with the fun title, “Can We Get Beyond Dualism, Statistical or Otherwise?”

Greg posted a link to the paper, “The Beautiful Otherness of the Autistic Mind,” yesterday. He also put up his great Prezi on “Cultural Relativism” over on Facebook. The prezi provides a basic overview of how to act more like an anthropologist while abroad through overcoming common stereotypes we often hold.

Last week I also put up a couple short posts: “On Cognitive Mechanisms and Explanations to End Them All” and “How Stress Reinforce Habitual over Goal Directed Behavior.”

You can also find our PLOS posts over there. So a great place to keep up with Neuroanthropology.

Link to Neuroanthropology on Facebook

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