Greg Downey on Introducing Anthropology

I just came across the video of Greg providing an overview lecture of anthropology, which he delivered to an audience of Australian students interested in anthropology at Macquarie University. Greg will probably be pained at the low-tech video, which doesn’t include all his fabulous slides. On the other side, you get to see him talking all the time!

The first four minutes he provides an overview of anthropology as a field, with a focus on sociocultural anthropology.

From 4:00 to roughly 15:00 he talks about what anthropology professors and students do with anthropology at Macquarie.

From fifteen minutes on, he talks about anthropology and jobs, or “what anthropologists do” with a wealth of examples.

Greg finishes up with a great metaphor – “Anthropologists are the off-road vehicles of the social science world.” We take theory and try to see what is really happening out there, and not just on the eight-lane super highway of science or the safe parking lot of the psychology laboratory or the city grid of surveys in sociology.

To paraphrase his ending:

“We want you to go out and be the nervous system for our thinkers and feed information back so we make better decisions.”

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2 Responses to Greg Downey on Introducing Anthropology

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  2. That does sound like a really interesting department. Lots of interesting research.