Neuroanthropology on Facebook and on Dr. Kiki’s Science Hour

The Neuroanthropology group on Facebook has officially formed. We already have a small cadre of people, and I hope more join! Good discussion is already taking place, people are introducing themselves, and there is dissociative fun all around!

I’m also hoping to use the group as a place to do some more News announcements, now that the Wednesday round ups seem to be on a more permanent hiatus. For example, I wrote a short post there today on a PBS Newshour story on the US Army’s Comprehensive Soldier Fitness program, which aims to increase resilience and prevent PTSD among soldiers.

I am also appearing live on Dr. Kiki’s Science Hour tonight 7PM eastern/4PM pacific to discuss neuroanthropology. It’s the first time that I do a live netcast (via Skype) like this, so I am excited. The show will go live through and be archived on the Science Hour site by Saturday.

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