New shmick video about Macquarie’s applied anthro degree

While not as fact-filled as the Prezi put together by the South Florida students (‘This is anthropology’), Macquarie University (my employer) has put together a new video on our Master of Applied Anthropology program. Starring student Thomas Hansen, it looks really slick and professional. Tom does a great job of talking about our program and why he’s pursuing a degree in anthropology. Great stuff — and thanks to Thomas and the guys from MQ’s PR office for putting this together!

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2 Responses to New shmick video about Macquarie’s applied anthro degree

  1. Jaap Timmer says:

    Greg is right, this is a great promotional video. I just want to add that Thomas is doing great research on tattooing in Sydney and his research into evolving identities in this multiculture city is just one of example of the kind of wonderful projects that students develop while doing a Master of Applied Anthropology at Macquarie University. For more information on the program and how to enrol, check the following website:

  2. Jovan Maud says:

    Ah, it warms the cockles of my heart to see a former student all grown up and acting as such a fine representative for the discipline (and looking damned hunky and videogenic into the bargain). And I’m very glad to hear that he’s doing such interesting research, which doesn’t surprise me at all.

    I should mention that I had Thomas as a student in the first undergraduate course I taught back in 2006, “Spirituality, Cults and the New Millennium”. I remember that one of the topics had to do with the relationship between religion and technology, including talking new uses of mobile phones to for Catholics to SMS their confessions and such things. At the end of the tute Thomas presented me with a cartoon he’d drawn featuring what he called “the iPope” — an Apple-branded device for accessing the blessings of Il Papa. It was cute, but also condensed lots of the themes we’d been talking about in class. It showed that he’d been not only paying attention but was creatively working on them. As a new teacher, I was also quite touched to receive this charming piece of “feedback” from a student.

    So I hope Thomas will forgive me for that little piece of nostalgic gushing. Still, it’s probably not a bad thing to realise that these seemingly insignificant acts can leave lasting traces.

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