Brain Awareness Videos by Brain Scientists!

The Society for Neuroscience has been hosting a Brain Awareness Video Contest, and now you can vote for up to three favorites from the 45 submissions. These are short educational videos, many done by young neuroscientists who have fun explaining their particular area of interest to us.

One of my favorites is Neuroplasticity, the fifth video on the opening page. It goes from the basics all the way to cultural neuroplasticity!

Another favorite is the very clever Dopamine and Addiction – Noir, also called Love Story for YouTube. Using the noir style, it gives us the popular version of how dopamine neurons play a central role in addiction. Next I want the hard-hitting documentary that gets behind the scences!

The official contest is over, with three winners announced. But you can still participate in the People’s Choice Awards. The winner of the People’s Choice Award will get $500. Voting closes October 17th, so act fast!

The Treasure Hunt was the overall winner of the official contest, and deservedly so. In it, a child narrates how he came to understand his grandfather’s aphasia. (FYI, you can still vote for an official winner for the People’s Choice Award.)

Brain, Brain the Magical Fruit – a rap that takes you through the entire brain – came in 2nd place. And it is pretty damn good, just to get all that brain info into lyrics.

The third place Synaptic Plasticity gives us claymation, synaptic function, and video gaming all in one!

You can also check out the well-done A Brief Introduction to the Default Mode Network and The Ascent: A Brief History of Brain Research.

Finally, to end on a groove, we have Joseph LeDoux and the Amygdaloids, who deliver their unique music video on Fearing, which is a mash-up of a great song and two short lectures, delivered in classic music video style.

Go vote for the People Choice Awards for the Brain Awareness Videos from the Society for Neuroscience.

And I think I’m going to walk around today saying, I work in the Department of Rewards…

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