On the one year anniversary, Smack!

The poor plogger plods home and plops down in front of the keyboard. Visions of wolf-headed canes dance through his head, like some nightmarish Night before Christmas. He thinks of the excuse of too much work – teaching, a manuscript, a new special issue. But he can already anticipate the wolf’s head beating impatiently against his forehead, and then the twisted Marie Antoinette falsetto, “May you eat sugarplums. Yes, sugar plums and long hours at the keyboard.”

“But Travis and Peter have written about too much sitting. It’s no obesity panacea.”

Mr. Mossop gives me a glare. “This may hurt a bit.” Smack. The wolf’s head has left an indentation this time. “The only panacea I need is the post kind. I suggest you take as directed.”

I try to think of a gleaming retort. But I’m fresh out. “Whatever I write today is going to be gobbledygook.”

“Let off the panic virus, dude. Just write something, on the moon, the language of bad physics, anything. I just need an anniversary post!”

“I can’t even do speakeasy science today, Brian. I’m never that articulate.”

“Then think of it as a work in progress,” the Mo says. He raises the wolf’s head cane. “Or do I have to fight you tooth and claw?”

“I thought PLoS Blogs was supposed to be a wonderland.” I chance a quick look at the other ploggers. Can I rally them? “Stop laying into the body politic, mate. We’ll circle the wagons, get a defensive mentality on, become a neurotribe!”

I take a breath. Three is a magic number. He has to lay off now…

The cane smacks me in the head again. “Procrastinaton must be in your genome, boy. But no more! It’s time for a Top Ten list. Some statistics. You can do at least that for the one year anniversary of PLoS blogs.

I nod my head dutifully. “Yes, I can do that.” But first I go grab another beer. Time to celebrate a year on this great network. And lo and behold, the words flow…

So here’s Neuroanthropology’s Top Ten over the last year. Greg and I have had a great time with the group, and here are the posts to show it.

(1) ‘The Last Free People on the Planet’

(2) Human (amphibious model): Living in and on the water

(3) John Shea, Human Evolution, and Behavioral Variability – Not Behavioral Modernity

(4) Gonorrhea and the Clap: The Slap Down Treatment

(5) Anthropology, Science and Public Understanding

(6) Jared Lee Lougher: Is Mental Illness the Explanation for What He Did?

(7) Francis Fukuyama: The Origins of Political Order

(8) Slipping into Psychosis: Living in the Prodrome Part 1

(9) Food for Thought: Cooking in Human Evolution

(10) The Neanderthal Romeo and Human Juliet Hypothesis

All right, first I’ve got to give wolf’s head props to John Rennie. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so check out The Nudge from Management and Management Invites You to to Celebrate.

Now for on-site statistics. I’m using Google Analytics. 183 posts. 290,000 pageviews. Visitors from 194 countries and territories. Sounds like good enough for a beer from London. I can hope!

Beyond interest and high quality, topics in the news, and image searches (the main drivers of the top ten lists), we had a lot of other great posts. I’ve picked six other great ones, just in case you want more. Dreaming of sweet sixteen, even at age one…

Other Worthy Posts:

The Culture of Poverty Debate

2 Legs Good, 4 Legs Better: Uner Tan Syndrome

Getting around by Sound: Human Echolocation

Brand Anthropology: New and Improved, with Extra Diversity

Does Lack of Income Take Away the Brain’s Horses?

A Vision of Anthropology Today – and Tomorrow

Here’s to another year! And thanks to Brian, all the great staff at PLos, the other PloS bloggers for their great work and generosity, and my comrade-in-arms, Greg.

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