BioAnthropology on Facebook

I’m hardly the most savvy of Facebook users. My wife joined last week, and I think she already has more friends than I do. I suspect that people have sent me messages that are forever lost on the vast Facebook borg… but I have managed to join one group that I think is great.

If you’re into Biological Anthropology (and if you’re here, you might very well be), you might consider joining the open BioAnthropology News group. Susan Guise Sheridan of the University of Notre Dame, along with a host of other suspects, including Graciela Cabana, Kristina Killgrove, Lesley Gregoricka, MConstança Duarte Gonçalves, and Jaime Ullinger (and others…). Charlotte Binkoski has also put together a blog bundle on Google Reader on Biological Anthropology if you want another way to follow your favourite bioblogs.

I’m not even sure what all of this means, to tell you the truth, but the Facebook feed has been amazing since I joined up. I can’t keep up, even cherry-picking just the stories I really find interesting…

Graphic from Indiana University’s Department of Anthropology.

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