Genetics – It’s Not Determinist. Zeitgeist 3 – Moving Forward

Zeitgeist: Moving Forward is the third installment in the Zeitgeist documentary series done by filmmaker Peter Joseph. The film was released this past January, and is available in its entirety on YouTube.

The documentary opens with a quote from Ernst Fischer:

In a decaying society, art, if it is truthful, must also reflect decay. And unless it wants to break faith with its social function, art must show the world as changeable, and help to change it.

The two hour plus film is split into four parts: Human Nature, Social Pathology, Project Earth, and Rise. It is a critical film, drawing on prominent intellectuals to present their ideas and wedded to a narrative that critiques power, present socioeconomic circumstances, and the world globalized system.

I want to feature two clips, since they focus on some key ideas coming from research. The first features Robert Sapolsky and others discussing genetics, the flaws in the determinist view, and how to think about human nature. The second features Richard Wilkinson and others speaking about health and inequality, in particular the idea of a socioeconomic gradient in health and welling.

The Genetics Myth

Health and Inequality

The discussion on health and inequality begins right at the 6:00 minute mark in this clip. After a two-minute set-up, Richard Wilkinson begins speaking around 8:00, and the discussion focuses on the social and psychological sides of inequality. Sapolsky comes on around 10:00.

See the film in its entirety: Zeitgeist: Moving Forward on YouTube

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