Wednesday Round Up #149

I was just in Seattle for the Society for Applied Anthropology meetings, where I also enjoyed a great walk in Seattle’s Lawton Park, which offers wonderful views of Puget Sound amidst natural splendor. This photo, take by aisavery, is set in the fall – but it comes closest to giving a sense of the place.


David Franks, Neurosociology
*Intriguing new book available through Google covering the intersection of neuroscience and sociology, particularly sociology from an interactionist/symbolic perspective

Kathryn Clancy, Science Online 2011: Perils Of Blogging As A Woman Under A Real Name
*Video of the panel on female bloggers is now available online!

Steve Silberman, “Loving Lampposts,” A Groundbreaking Documentary About Autism, Love, and Acceptance
*NeuroTribes on a powerful new documentary on how families deal with autism, and thus how we understand autism

In its own understated and thoughtful way, Loving Lampposts is a groundbreaking, even revolutionary film. Instead of stoking fear and panic about an autism epidemic allegedly caused by vaccines, or promoting the efforts to ”recover” children from autism through biomedical treatments as organizations like Generation Rescue do, Loving Lampposts emphasizes the Drezners’ unconditional love for their son just as he is — quirks, weirdnesses, problems at school, and all.

Matt Thompson, Around The Web
*Interesting new post from Savage Minds of web links on language and the mind.

Gretchen Cuda-Kroen, Being Bilingual May Boost Your Brain Power
*More evidence showing the benefits of knowing more than one language.

Flowing Data, Track Your Daily Stress and Health Levels with Basis
*A new gadget with potential for field research – a watch that tracks movement, sleep, heart rate, temperature, and galvanic skin response (or sweat) with a price of $199

David Smith, ‘Less Than Human': The Psychology Of Cruelty
*Disturbing, yet fascinating look at inhumane acts and how people can carry out cruel acts on other human beings. Includes an excerpt from Smith’s new book and a brief interview with the author.

Dimi Reider, Activist, Actor, Director Juliano Mer Khamis Assassinated In Jenin
*Touching tribute to a Palestinian Jewish filmmaker, who lived and worked in Israel and the occupied territories.

*This video is on the theater for children he established in the refugee camp, Jenin and includes testimonials from the children.

Atsushi Iriki, Brain Change
*Encouraging news for older students on how the brain continues to develop in adulthood.


Daisy Grewal, The Evolution Of Prejudice
*How prejudice begins and differentiating between outsiders and group members. Read about the findings from a study of rhesus monkeys and how they identify strangers.

April Fulton, FDA Probes Link Between Food Dyes, Kids’ Behavior
*Controversy over food dyes, with some saying they’re harmful and other’s saying there’s no scientific proof linking dyes to hyperactive behavior.

Gina Kolata, Vast Gene Study Yields Insights On Alzheimer’s
*Research findings on the genetic determinants of Alzheimer’s and its association with cholesterol levels.

Ian Sneddon et al., Cross-Cultural Patterns In Dynamic Ratings of Positive And Negative Natural Emotional Behaviour
*New perspective of cross-cultural studies of emotions and if study findings can be generalized to actual emotional situations.

Ed Yong, Is Crime A Virus Or A Beast? How Metaphors Shape Our Thoughts And Decisions
*Interesting look at how metaphors influence how crime prevention strategies are implemented.

The Neurocritic, Simon Baron-Cohen, Empathy, And The Atrocities In Afghanistan
*The neurocritic points out some of the shortcomings and contradictions in a recent book on human cruelty.


M. M. Adjarian and Peggy Orenstein, How Disney Invaded American Childhood To Shill Worthless Crap To Our Kids
*Interview with writer, Peggy Orenstein, on her new book examining how “girlie culture” has over taken how girls are raised and produced vomit-inducing “princess” toys.

Chris Jensen, Robert Trivers And Colleagues On Nowak, Tarnita, And Wilson’s “The Evolution Of Eusociality”
*Thorough critique of a recent article questioning how kin selection can explain eusociality.

Chris Lehrich, How To Read Lévi-Strauss
*Struggling in your theory class and looking for some guidance? Here’s a great guide to reading and understanding Levi-Strauss.

Owen Wiltshire, Another Chapter 2
*Interesting and thought provoking thoughts on what anthropology is and ethnocentrism. Check out the feedback in the comment section – some good insights and critiques of the chapter.

Thesis Defended! Issue #1 – Representing Anthropology & Being Cynical
*Wiltshire successfully defends his thesis and stands by the critiques he makes of anthropology as a discipline.

Joslyn O., Anthropologists Speak Out In Protection Of Academic Freedom
*The AAA and American Historical Association have both issued statements in support of the U of Wisconsin professor who is facing a Republican backed order to turn over his e-mails, after he posted a blog entry on the recent union fight.

PZ Myers, Free Anthropology Workshop in Minneapolis!
*During the annual meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists, high school teachers can take a free workshop on “Fossils, Bones, and Primates: Enriching High School Teaching”. It will be on April 16th from 8:15 – 12:00.

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