Waking up with Sapir-Whorf

By Paul Mason.

In the spirit of the day, frequent Neuroanthropology contributor Paul Mason canvased his extensive Facebook network to learn how people around the world heard the cock’s crow in the morning. He’s rendered all of the onomatopoeia into a handy list, with the time of day that the sun will come up in each locale rendered into a uniform Eastern Standard Time. So, around the world, this is what people think they hear when a rooster crows… [Greg]

The Sapir-Whorf hypothesis as an expression of the revolution of the earth around the sun on 1 April, 2011AD, in the Universe year: 13.75 billion ± 110 million.

At 20:29 EST 31 March: Kokekokko
At 21:07 EST 31 March: Cockadoodle-doo
At 21:23 EST 31 March: k’ok’iyo
At 21:52 EST 31 March: Tik-ti-la-ok
At 22:00 EST 31 March: goh-geh-goh-goh
At 22:56 EST 31 March: kukuruyuk
At 23:11 EST 31 March: ò-ó-o-o
At 23:15 EST 31 March: Ek e ek ek
At 00:50 EST 01 April: kukrukaruuuuuuu
At 01:02 EST 01 April: kuk-de-kuk, kuk-roo-koon, kuk-roo-kroon, ko-ka-ra-ko, kāka
At 03:01 EST 01 April: kookookoo-ko, ququliqu
At 03:44 EST 01 April: ku-ku-ri-ku
At 04:02 EST 01 April: ку-ка-ре-ку, Kou-ka-re-kou
At 04:47 EST 01 April: kukkokiekuu
At 04:48 EST 01 April: üü-ürü-üüü
At 04:49 EST 01 April: kukeleegu
At 04:52 EST 01 April: ka-ka-rie-ku
At 04:55 EST 01 April: ki-ke-ri-gū
At 04:57 EST 01 April: cucurigu
At 05:10 EST 01 April: кукуригу
At 05:11 EST 01 April: kikiriku
At 05:12 EST 01 April: Kukuryku
At 05:14 EST 01 April: chicchirichì
At 05:20 EST 01 April: ku-ku-ri-ku
At 05:25 EST 01 April: ki-ki-ri-ki-kiiii
At 05:31 EST 01 April: kykyrikí
At 05:37 EST 01 April: ku-ku-ri-ku
At 05:40 EST 01 April: kykyrikí
At 05:42 EST 01 April: kikeriki, kykeliky
At 05:44 EST 01 April: kykkeliky
At 06:16 EST 01 April: Kukelekuuuuu
At 06:29 EST 01 April: Cocorico
At 06:37 EST 01 April: Cockadoodledoo
At 06:50 EST 01 April: kakkulárakó
At 06:59 EST 01 April: Co-co-ro-co
At 09:17 EST 01 April: Có có ró có
At 10:55 EST 01 April: Co-co-ro-co
At 11:40 EST 01 April: cock-a-doodle-doo

Finally, At 16:24 EST, it is against the law for a rooster to crow for longer than ten minutes.

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2 Responses to Waking up with Sapir-Whorf

  1. Jones says:


  2. Paul Mason says:

    Good one! Thanks Jones! Where do people perceive the cock’s crow like that?

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