Paul’s Population Picks

By Paul Mason

Robert Kunzig, Population 7 Billion
*Robert Kunzig is National Geographic’s senior editor for the environment. His beautifully crafted article on population growth can be accessed here.

-You can also access a great YouTube video released by the National Geographic on the above article.

National Geographic, 7 Billion
*The National Geographic website also features a special on Population growth.

Stephen Crittenden, Selling The Farm
*An informative article about Australia’s food resources.

Climate Week
*Website devoted to Climate Week, 21-27 March 2011 in the UK.

BBC, How Many People Can Live On Planet Earth?
*BBC Two’s overpopulation programme “Horizon: 2009-2010: How Many People Can Live on Planet Earth?”

Optimum Population Trust, Green Planet Petition – The Really Big Ask
*Petition calling for the UK government to focus on population stabilization and environmental sustainability.

Fred Pearce, Consumption Dwarfs Population As Main Environmental Threat
*Consumption vs. Population.

The Economist, The 9 Billion-People Question
*The Economist asks the 9-billion people question.

Fiona MacDonald, Seeds Of Salvation
*An article in Cosmos (Feb/Mar) called “Seeds of Salvation” that recognises a need to find ways of surviving climate change and the population boom.

Carleen Frost, Dick’s Fix Of Time Bomb
*”Children will grow up like battery-hens”, says Aussie Businessman Dick Smith.

Institute of Mechanical Engineers, Population Explosion: Can the Planet Cope?
*Engineers look at the population problem.

Julia Medew, Doctor’s In Population Push
*Doctors join the concern about population growth.

Paul Mason, 19th And 21st Century Brazil: Population Growth, Urbanisation And Pollution In The Developing World
*An article accompanying a photo essay on population growth in Brazil.

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