Neuro/Anth Carnivals!

Encephalon, rounding up the best of mind and brain blogging, is back. Providentia is hosting Encephalon Edition 83. Infants and their social preferences? Facebook and a larger amygadala? The first case of autism? Video games and visual attention skills? It’s all there.

[One little note on gaming and visual skills – based on this case of one, a 40ish dad playing Xbox with his three sons – those “vision skills” don’t develop at the same pace for me as them. I can’t tell you how many times I’m still looking around, trying to spot them, as they blast me away…]

Prancing Papio is hosting the 111th edition of Four Stone Hearth, rounding up anthropology blogging. Plague DNA on the menu at the old Penn Station? Tears and big noses and death and learning? Yes, that’s a quick summary of all the great content there.

Enjoy both!

Link to Encephalon #83

Link to Four Stone Hearth #111

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