Science Blogging and Encephalon

Two overdue announcements!

My colleagues Peter Janiszewski and Travis Saunders have created a new venture: Science of Blogging. Here is the mission statement:

Social media provides a tremendous outlet by which to translate and promote scientific knowledge and engage the public discourse. All scientists, researchers, clinicians, government and not-for-profit organizations have much to gain by adopting an effective and viable social media strategy.

Science of Blogging will not only highlight the ways by which social media is changing the way science and research is communicated, but also will provide basic guidelines for those individuals or organizations who seek to use social media to increase the public understanding of scientific research.

Here is their post Science of Blogging: Introducing a New Venture over at Obesity Panacea.

Plus Coturnix is hosting the 82nd edition of Encephalon! Plenty of great stuff on mind, psychology, and brain during the month of November!

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