Society for Psychological Anthropology Spring 2011 Conference

The Society for Psychological Anthropology will have its biennial conference from March 31st – April 3rd, 2011 in Santa Monica, California. Talk about a great location!

The call for papers emphasizes the meeting theme: “Subjects and Their Milieux in Late Modernity: The Relevance of Psychological Anthropology to Contemporary Problems and Issues”

Psychological anthropology is the subdiscipline best positioned intellectually and empirically to detail both how large social forces influence individuals and how subjective experience and interpersonal dynamics can transform social institutions. We will focus especially on the relevance of psychological anthropology to problems and issues in the contemporary world–from changing families, workplaces and local communities to religious groups, professions, and transnational institutions like consumer capitalism, world religions, and NGOs.

Submissions for both panel and papers proposals are due December 17th, 2010. Proposals should be sent to the program chair, Rebecca Lester (rjlester @ wustl dot edu).

Here are two great reasons to go:

Professor Gananath Obeyesekere has been invited to give one of the plenary talks and to receive a lifetime achievement award.

Rob Lemelson will host a party for all attendees on Saturday, April 2.

Link to SPA’s 2011 Conference Description and Call for Papers.

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