Going to the AAAs? Session, Workshop, and Meet-Up

I am heading to the American Anthropological Association’s annual meeting this week, held in New Orleans.

Hal Odden and I organized a session on the Anthropology of Impulsivity on Saturday 1:45-3:30. I hope to see you there.

I also am holding a workshop on Thursday afternoon – Taking Anthropology Online: Strategies for Teaching and Scholarship. That’s Thursday 2:30-4:30. I’d love to have more people sign up for it. You can do so when you pick up your registration at the AAAs. Given the workshop’s smaller size this year, I am thinking of a more hands-on approach.

I’d also love to meet new people interested in neuroanthropology. Please drop me an email at daniel dot lende @ gmail dot com or leave a comment here. Rather than setting a specific time prior to the meeting, I’m going to try to be more flexible. My schedule’s already filling up, so right now Thursday after my workshop (4:45 or 5:00) or Friday mid-afternoon (2:00 – 4:00) are good times for me to meet with people.

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