100 Anthropology Lectures Online – Lots of Video!

Best Colleges Online, in its Online College Resource Arena, has put together a list of “100 Incredible Anthropology Lectures Online”. Most of them are videos, along with some just audio lectures. There is a lot of great material, and of course, some duds as well.

The lectures really do cover the gamut of anthropology, and are arranged in the following categories: General Lectures, Modern Cultures, Ancient Cultures, Society, Evolution, Archaeology, Linguistics, Technology and Society, and Primatology.

The videos are drawn largely from TED, Forum Network, and Apple’s iTunes university initiative. I’ve posted a couple I found there below. First Jane Goodall.

And now Jeremy Nations on the The Evolution of Trichromatic Color Vision over at MIT World. That’s the actual lecture. You can get a taste of Nations’ work in this YouTube video.

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2 Responses to 100 Anthropology Lectures Online – Lots of Video!

  1. amharreld says:

    This video series is undermined by the inclusion of obvious frauds like Jared Diamond. Diamond is known for plagiarizing authors like Eric Wolf and Ronald Lee, Cherry picking data, his tendency to “misinterpret” what other author’s are saying, and to letting his political bias leech his work into meaningless drivel. Watch with care folks.

  2. aineah werunga says:

    it is amazing to learn how Jane Goodall lectures are in trying to help students understand the nature of man and other creatures have evolved in years. Let us embrace the power of love for one another for the betterment of our lives and lives of those who will live after us. her book book roots and shoots must be a very powerful weapon to help us understand the children. i must read it. and where can i can i get more information about introduction to anthropology in all steps as a new student?.

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