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I’ve joined Twitter, so I’m @daniel_lende. I’ll be tweeting all the Neuroanthropology posts there, as well as anything else interesting – articles I’ve come across, retweets from across the neuroanth spectrum, and more.

So far it’s been a fun experience, a great way to see what people are reading, the current news making people react, a novel form of communicating with colleagues.

Thanks to everyone who is already following me! That is innanely gratifying, until I see the thousands of followers other people have. And what’s with the word “followers”? With its addictive rituals, arcane language, and tweeted trappings, the whole thing is almost like a new media cult…

I’ve made several lists. Probably the most immediately useful, as it is complete, is the list of all the PLoS bloggers as well as the main feed from PLoS Blogs. So it’s a great way to keep up to date with what is happening on PLoS Blogs.

Link to PLoS Bloggers and PLoS Blogs list – or Plogs

I’ve also got lists on anthro, neuro, and science journalists going.

I hope to see you on Twitter!

Link to Daniel Lende/Neuroanthropology Twitter feed.

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