The Anthro Tea Party

Gather around the hearth, it’s time for the anthropology carnival!

Anthropology in Practice is hosting the 102nd edition of the Four Stone Hearth, which gathers together all the main fields of anthropology into one giant blog festival.

Given the Mad Hatter theme, this edition has posts both WEIRD and crowded, quaffed and traveled.

So hop down the rabbit hole and visit the 102nd Four Stone Hearth.

I, alas, also missed the 101st edition, hosted by Sapien Games. So go check that one out as well!

For an excuse, I might as well draw on the Mad Hatter: “No wonder you’re late. Why, this watch is exactly two weeks slow.”

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One Response to The Anthro Tea Party

  1. Nick Horton says:

    No worries … 2 weeks slow is right on time!