In Lieu of an Introduction

I’m still working on a proper introduction. But in lieu of that, I thought I’d get the process started by outlining some posts I wrote over the summer. I know Greg is planning to do the same. Definitely check out his list – the man has put up some awesome content during the last two months.

Just one note before that. The PLoS team set us up with Google Analytics, which gives us lots of stats to play with. The one that most impresses me is that in the first three days of launch, visitors from 51 countries came to Neuroanthropology. 51 countries. Wow! Just that stat alone makes what we do here worthwhile.

All right, onto the reading!

Some Recent Posts:

People, Not Memes, Are the Medium!
Here I critique Susan Blackmore’s NY Times essay on memes and temes. Simple message, memes might be flashy, but people are real.

Your Brain Unleashed – Outdoors and Out of Reach
Do brain scientists on a rafting trip really help us understand how technology affects the brain? No. How better to understand the impact of technology of the brain, and why “nature as escape” is as much a social thing as a change in scenery.

Virginia Heffernan vs. ScienceBlogs
Heffernan launched a broad-side critique of ScienceBlogs, and in the process got several things wrong. Here I ask, Did she get some things right about the present state of science blogging?

Edge: Getting at the Neuroanthropology of Morality
Edge put up a seminar on the “new science of morality” and tried to justify it as being driven by evolution and biology. Here I show that most of their scholars are actually doing neuroanthropological work.

Behavioral Economics Is Not All That
It might be a hot topic. But it still packs in faulty assumptions, and is definitely not the cure-all for policy that some people claim.

Note on Image: The photo comes from Aries Photos. Here’s the original link.

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4 Responses to In Lieu of an Introduction

  1. Steve Silberman says:

    Love the image as well as the links, Daniel! [smile]

  2. Emily Anthes says:

    I remember reading about (and being skeptical of) that rafting trip story. You know what else I noticed? No girls allowed. They didn’t know ONE female researcher to invite?

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  4. Dirk Hanson says:

    Hey, Daniel, the new crib looks great!