Marketing for Scientists

The April issue of Nature Materials contains three articles that discuss marketing strategies for scientists. The Editorial (“The scientific marketplace”) introduces the topic and explains why scientists should consider marketing their work. The issue also contains an interview (“The m word”) with astrophysicist Marc Kuchner who published a book titled Marketing for Scientists. Finally, there is a commentary (“One-click science marketing”) by me discussing strategies and tools that scientists can use to promote their work. The commentary also includes links to pages by Phil Bourne (SciVee), Jonathan Eisen (Mendeley), Rosie Redfield (blog), John Hawks (blog) and Cameron Neylon (personal webpage).

Scientists may feel uncomfortable about marketing their work, but we all are doing it already. We know that giving a presentation at a key meeting can be a boost for our career, and we know about the importance of maintaing an academic homepage listing our research interests and publications. And people reading this blog will understand that a science blog can be a powerful marketing tool.

Feel free to add your thoughts and suggestions in the comments.

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3 Responses to Marketing for Scientists

  1. Jason Hoyt says:

    Marketing for scientists (most people), really is still considered a four-letter bad word. I’ve spoken on this nearly ad nauseam. It will talk lots and lots of time, but we really should be transitioning to a different vocabulary. Scientists should think of this more as “educating” their colleagues and public about their research and “building” their CV. With the deluge of information today, it’s not enough to assume that even GREAT research will be 1) discovered 2) understood well and 3) attributed correctly.

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  3. Ankush Sharma says:

    Exactly, this is happening , knowingly or unknowingly , with the advent of networking culture dominating the Modern times. Giants are venturing into the Scientific social network e.g Nature networks, Frontiersin social networking .