Zotero 2.1 released with support for CSL 1.0

Version 2.1 of the reference manager Zotero was released last Friday. The biggest change for me is the support of Citation Style Language (CSL) 1.0. CSL is an open XML-based standard for citations and bibliographies. Older versions of Zotero used CSL 0.8.1, but the improved CSL 1.0 was released a year ago.

With Zotero 2.1, Papers 2 (both released in March) and Mendeley we now have three major reference managers supporting the current version of CSL. Which reference manager will be the next one? And why aren’t more journals providing downloadable citation styles in CSL format in their author guidelines?

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7 Responses to Zotero 2.1 released with support for CSL 1.0

  1. adam.smith says:

    Thanks for the plug about author guidelines – I once sent a csl I had coded to a journal I was being published in and that has an endnote style on it’s page (it’s an OUP journal) – they did say thanks, but the style never showed up. sigh.

    There is also a new tool out of Oxford – Colwiz – that’s using csl. I haven’t looked at it, its citation capabilities seem a bit limited, but it can do a lot of things packed into one software.

  2. Martin Fenner says:

    Adam, do you know of anybody tracking the software that is using CSL 1.0? Would be good to have a listing somewhere …

  3. adam.smith says:

    no – I don’t think it exists and people don’t have to tell anyone – as far as I know, Bruce, Frank, and Rintze had no idea that Papers was implementing csl.
    The best place to collect that infor would be Wikipedia, I think – both the csl page and the comparison of Ref Management Software.
    I got an e-mail form someone else using csl, too – some Chinese-made citation tool that had gotten the licensing wrong and apologized – but that was the last I heard of them – but it does seem like csl is spreading quickly.

  4. Bruce says:

    I started a wiki page to track this:


    But as Adam suggests, sometimes projects implement it without telling us, so there may be others.

  5. Martin Fenner says:

    Thanks Bruce. I hope that the list of CSL implementations will be much longer at the end of the year. I’ve added the Drupal module by Ron Jerome to your list.

  6. Najko Jahn says:

    First of all thanks for developing CSL. It is a great work that helps a lot for creating and supplying different styles.

    At Bielefeld Univeristy, we are running CSL for the customization of personal publication lists coming from the official publication database “PUB – Publications at Bielefeld University”. And our faculty is happy with the functionality provided.


    or as part of the mandatory view in the Staff and Department Directory

    Currently, we are working together with Lund Universities Library and Ghent University Library to assist them in adapting CSl, too. For this, we’ll go to citeproc-js 1.0.

  7. Martin Fenner says:

    Thanks for the update Najko. We are using BibApp to do similar things at our university. BibApp also uses CSL, although not yet version 1.0.