Some thoughts on principles for scientific attribution

Today I posted a document that should help define a set of principles for scientific attribution. These principles will be presented and discussed at the National Science Foundation workshop Changing the Conduct of Science in the Information Age on November 12. Many people helped me with this document (Cameron Neylon in particular), and I welcome comments and suggestions.

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5 Responses to Some thoughts on principles for scientific attribution

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  2. Perhaps it’s just my particular gripe, (and not directly related to your suggestions) but I wish more science bloggers would cite their images. The illustrations used are often completely uncredited, as if they are unimportant embellishments to the articles. Yet an illustrator has gone to school, is scientifically literate and works hard to contribute, and receives no credit.

    Drives me bonkers.

  3. Martin Fenner says:

    Glendon, thanks for the reminder. I will try to do a better job citing the images I use. I’ve also left a comment on your blog.

  4. My complaint wasn’t pointed at you Martin; it’s just something that’s always kind of baffled me.

    And thanks for the comment as well.

  5. Martin Fenner says:

    And here is the link to Glendon’s post. An interesting discussion on the topic has started over there.