iPhone app updated

Earlier this year I wrote about the iphone application that was released in February. Two weeks ago the app was updated with the following changes:

  • Access to abstracts from additional journals: Nature GeneticsNature MedicineNature BiotechnologyNature Reviews MicrobiologyNature Reviews Genetics, Nature Physics and Nature Communications.
  • Access to fulltext articles for a monthly subscription fee ($9.99 for Nature, $8.99 for the other journals). Access to Nature News and Nature Communications is free.

The updated app doesn’t work with the iPad, and the Android version that was announced in February has not been released yet. Users that don’t update to the newest version of the app don’t get access to additional journals, but can still read fulltext articles from Nature.

Reading papers on the iPad for me is a lot of fun. The reading experience on the iPhone/iPod touch is very different, and not something I would spend $9.99 a month for. But it is obvious where this is heading: many users (including myself) would probably spend $9.99/month for a nicely done iPad version of Nature. Especially if content is free/cheaper with an institutional subscription. And we can already read PLoS content for free with the PLoS Reader.

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3 Responses to iPhone app updated

  1. Tom Brow says:

    Actually, the latest version of PLoS Reader is 1.0.3 and is available on all continents. The mention of “PLoS Reader 2.0″ was a bit of fanciful language, like “web 2.0″. Apologies for the confusion!


  2. Martin Fenner says:

    Tom, thanks for the clarification – I updated the post accordingly. Whatever the numbering, it is a nice application.

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