Lanyrd: a new Twitter mashup for conferences

Lanyrd is a new social directory for conferences launched just a few days ago. It integrates with Twitter to allow you to list conferences you are organizing, speaking at, attending, or just following. It is a social directory in the sense that everyone can edit this information (I don’t know who started the Science Online London 2010 page), and that you can see the conferences of your Twitter contacts. Future versions of Lanyrd will do a lot more (you can see some of the upcoming features at the dConstruct 2010 page), but the site is already useful and just looks gorgeous.

Lanyrd Logo

The Lanyrd blog launched yesterday and the first post contains some interesting background information. Lanyrd is a joint project by web developers and newly-weds Simon Willison and Natalie Downe. They launched Lanyrd from Morocco while on an extended honeymoon and don’t plan to be back to England before the end of next year.

Sites such as Eventbrite, Upcoming or Slideshare have been around for a while. Twitter is becoming an increasingly useful tool for conferences (The Great Science Online London Tweetup). And Lanyrd is one of the nicest examples that I have seen so far that integrates Twitter into a service targeted at conference attendees.

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4 Responses to Lanyrd: a new Twitter mashup for conferences

  1. Coturnix says:

    I love the inclusion of the 1945 conference in Yalta!

    Just added ScienceOnline2011 to this so we can watch how it works out.


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  3. Martin Fenner says:


    It probably makes sense to also add conferences that have happened already – you can discover interesting connections between speakers and topics, and you can build your CV.

    By the time ScienceOnline2011 comes around, you should have a few more features to use. I hope the service remains uncluttered and fun to use.

  4. Yes, Lanyrd is very useful for me. I think twitter will purchase this overtime. Thanks for sharing!