BioMed Central drafts position statement on open data

Last week BioMed Central published a draft position statement on open data (PDF). Iain Hrynaszkiewicz explained the statement on the BioMed Central Blog, including the five Ws of open data:

  1. Why make data more open?
  2. What data to make more open?
  3. Where to make data more open?
  4. When to make data more open?
  5. How to make data more open?

Please comment on the statement.

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5 Responses to BioMed Central drafts position statement on open data

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  2. Travis says:

    Thanks for pointing this out, Martin, I think this could be a very important document in the long-term!

  3. Martin Fenner says:

    It’s a shame that the blog post announcing the draft position statement hasn’t received a single comment after one week.

  4. Thanks for the post Martin. We’ve –most inconveniently– been having technical issues with the comment functionality on the BMC Blog. A number of people have tried to comment, which is excellent, and we are working on the issue of getting them displayed. In particular, BMC Research Notes Associate Editor Bill Hooker has prepared the statement on a PiratePad and made some comments:

    He, and we, invite others to comment.



  5. Martin Fenner says:

    Iain, thanks for the update and the link. I will try to write a comment regarding the position statement in the next few days.