Bye-Bye Nature Network

This is my last post for this Nature Network blog. Later today, I will start a new blog somewhere else – also called Gobbledygook and covering the same topics.

Writing this blog here on Nature Network since August 2007 has been an incredible experience, something that can't be covered in a single blog post. I simply want to say thank you to all the people I interacted with over the years – both online and in person. And a particular thanks for Matt, Corie, Anna and Lou from Nature Network who made all this possible.

bye bye

Flickr photo by skazar.

There are several of my posts I particularly like – and some I like a little less. Something I really enjoyed doing – and something that I think works very well in the blog format – is interviews. I did around 20 interviews in the last two years (the last two on the Lindau Laureate Meeting blog), and I've listed them all below.

Please stay in touch. And if possible, come around to the Science Online London Conference this weekend.

Update: Gobbledygook has moved to PLoS Blogs.

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17 Responses to Bye-Bye Nature Network

  1. Heather Etchevers says:

    “… and the The Times They Are a-Changin’…”
    Oh, Martin. You are a pillar of the NN blogging community for me. I will be glad to continue to read your posts elsewhere, as long as you make it clear where. The server doesn’t matter so much; there appear to now be blogging [alumni and physical friendship-glued networks and intellectual genealogical lineages]* much as there are in influential science laboratories around the world. You’re part of mine, and I’m quite glad of it. That’s what Nature Network has brought and continues to bring us, even if we are not blogging here as such.
    I wish you the best in your new ventures! And you’re a great interviewer – you’ve definitely found a niche – so please keep it up.
    * whatever the appropriate new word could be to describe such phenomena, now that “network” and “web” have been appropriated elsewhere.

  2. Katherine Haxton says:

    You’ll be missed here but please let us know where you’ll be blogging later today! Good luck!

  3. Euan Adie says:

    Bye Martin! Always a great read. I look forward to following you wherever you move to.

  4. Eva Amsen says:

    Bye! But where’s the new blog? I’m getting so confused with all people’s changed URLs – I think I need to hire someone to rebuild my feed reader.

  5. Mark Hahnel says:

    Congratualtions on the move!

  6. Martin Fenner says:

    Thanks for the kind words. Nature Network has been a fantastic place to blog. This is not about not being happy hear at Nature Network. Moving somewhere else is rather about a fresh start after three years here at NN, and being offered a nice new blogging opportunity. I keep you posted on the new venue.

  7. Mike Fowler says:

    Martin, thanks for all the well crafted, informative posts over the years. Looking forward to seeing you settle into your new digs. Wherever that might be.
    The tension being built up about new blog homes in posts at NN over the last few days is becoming unbearable!

  8. Martin Fenner says:

    Thanks Mike. If you like tension: my new blog location will be revealed at 6 PM London time.

  9. Anna Kushnir says:

    Whoa. So sad to see you go! I am grateful that NN gave me the opportunity to meet you and learn about all the fantastic things going on in citation management, publishing, and beyond. Best of luck in your new home. I hope it’s a comfortable one. You are a blogging rock star no matter where you go!

  10. steffi suhr says:

    Good luck Martin!

  11. Martin Fenner says:

    Thanks Anna, it has been a great honour working with you. And Steffi, we can have a drink together on Saturday at Science Online London.
    My new blog is now open for visitors at “PLoS BLOGs”:

  12. Kristi Vogel says:

    Sad to see you go, Martin, but congratulations on the new blog opportunity! I will go update my Google Reader now ….

  13. Martin Fenner says:

    Thanks Kristi. Will be interesting to see whether and how the blogging is different over there, e.g. it’s now WordPress instead of Movable Type.

  14. Austin Elliott says:

    Based on my experience with both (WPress & MT4) I would predict you will find it a noticeable improvement, Martin.
    Good luck at the new home.

  15. Kristi Vogel says:

    My first blog (now long-neglected) was with WordPress, and I found the platform very easy to use. Many of the posts (particularly the ones on horses) still get quite a few hits, even though they’re over two years old … stats that are very easy to check, and automatically generated on the WordPress platform.

  16. Matt Brown says:

    We’re all very sad to see you go, Martin. You’ve added a unique voice to the site, with your insights into new publishing technologies and your interviews with those behind them. Thanks again for all your contributions. I look forward to seeing your new blogging home, and to catching up in person at the Science Online conference.

  17. Frank Norman says:

    Martin – adding my thanks and appreciation too, for telling me what I should be taking notice of and always managing a masterful analysis and overview. Thanks also for all your work with SOLo.