Movable Type Test

This post will be rather boring for regular Movable Type or WordPress users. But we Nature Network bloggers are new to this stuff.

Create and edit blog posts from standalone applications

Successfully tested MarsEdit and BlogPress.

Store pictures on

Hint: a scientific paper is hidden in here.

You can also store other files with Movable Type, e.g. PDF files.

Trackbacks were originally invented for Movable Type. They show the links to your blog post. I haven't really used them much on other blogs.

Edit comments
We now can edit the comments on our blog. Can sometimes be helpful, but is also dangerous. Linking to comments is now much easier (click on the date).

Blog URL
The new blog URL is so much nicer (and easier to remember):

No plugins enabled yet. What are recommended plugins for Movable Type?

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9 Responses to Movable Type Test

  1. Martin Fenner says:

    A HTML-formatted comment.

  2. Richard Grant says:

    Targeted therapies for patients with germ cell tumors 10.1517/13543784.17.4.511

  3. Martin Fenner says:

    That was quick Richard! I liked the date/time on the old NN comment system, I hope we will get the comment time back.

  4. GrrlScientist says:

    test, test,
    testosterone! testes!
    this ends this test of the nature network system.

  5. Stephen Curry says:

    Thanks for the reminder, Martin. May finally be time for me to invest in MarsEdit.

  6. Martin Fenner says:

    Stephen, I used MarsEdit with the “old” Nature Network blog system and did copy/paste when I was ready. Worked really well for longer posts.

  7. Stephen Curry says:

    Thanks Martin – but can you confirm that under MT4 MarsEdit will allow you to publish your blog from within the application? That was the functionality I was looking for.

  8. Martin Fenner says:

    Yes, I can confirm that. This test blog post was posted with MarsEdit.

  9. Martin Fenner says:

    One little caveat: MarsEdit requires a Nature Network password which is not your regular password. Deep in the Movable Type system you will find another password which is used for access via API.