Global Health PodCast Interview with Prof Kerin O’Dea, Nutrition & Public Health Expert

This week on PLOS TGH, we continue exploring the medium of Global Health podcasts. Coming from central Melbourne, in South-East Australia, Alessandro interviews the globally recognised and respected Professor in Nutrition and Public Health – Kerin O’Dea.

Kerin-ODeaProfessor Kerin O’Dea is Professor: Nutrition and Public Health in the Health Sciences Division of the University of South Australia. Professor O’Dea is currently engaged in research on an NHMRC Program Grant titled ‘Improving Chronic Disease outcomes for Indigenous Australians: Causes, Interventions, System Change.’ Professor O’Dea is interested in the therapeutic potential of traditional diets and lifestyles of numerous populations, including Indigenous Australians.

Key previous senior academic and research leadership positions include: Director of the Sansom Institute for Health Research, UniSA (2009-2012), Professorial Fellow, University of Melbourne, Department of Medicine, St Vincent’s Hospital (2006-2009); Director, Menzies School of Health Research, Darwin NT (2000-2005); Deakin University (1988-1997) as Professor of Human Nutrition, Dean of Health & Behavioural Sciences (1993-1994) and Pro Vice Chancellor Research (1995-1996).

She has been an active part of numerous national committees over many years advising government on health and medical research, Indigenous health, nutrition, and diabetes.

Prof O’Dea in The Lancet:

Having contributed to the explosion in nutrition-related research in the past few decades, O’Dea says it’s now time for concerted action. “One of the things that characterises much public health research is that we describe how bad things are but don’t do enough intervention,” she says. “Today, taking no action can be more expensive than the interventions themselves.”


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