The Ethication of Little Jew

We’re nothing if not incestuous around here. A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing renegade bioethicist Carl Elliott. His brother and nemesis, Britt Elliott (aka The Ethicator),  has generously returned the favor:

BE:  I sometimes think of myself as the Steve Jobs of bioethics.  Not that I would put words in your mouth or anything.

MA: Well, I guess if the shoe fits, right? But I imagine that that’s quite a heavy burden, no?

BE: Yes, a heavy burden indeed — but not as heavy as Carl’s burden, which is being known only as the brother of the Steve Jobs of bioethics.  I’m sure he can manage that, though.

On to your book.  What is it about — genetics or something? I forget.

Read our entire not-at-all-awkward conversation here.

In other What Narcissism Means to Me news, a recent podcast I did with the fabulous folks at American Scientist is now up. (And by the way, is there a better name for a band than Ardent Octopus? I didn’t think so.)

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