I suppose it beats a trip to the DMV

Thank you for contacting your Bill Pay service.

You are not currently in a chat session.

You are not currently in a chat session.

You are not currently in a chat session.

You are now chatting with ‘Takia’

Takia: Hello and thank you for contacting Bill Pay Support. In order to assist you, I will need to access your bill pay account.

Takia: Would you please provide me the following information for the primary user on the bill pay account: first and last name and the last 4 digits of the social security number?

Misha Angrist: I was chatting with Tina but lost her

Misha Angrist: Misha Angrist SS# —-

Misha Angrist: mother’s maiden name: B———

Takia: Thank you.

Takia: I do apologize, I am chatting with Misha Angrist, correct?

Misha Angrist: yes

Takia: Thank you.

Takia: For security purposes, may I please verify your father’s middle name?

Misha Angrist: W—-

Takia: I do apologize, that response is not listed. Would you like to provide a different response, Mr. Angrist?

Misha Angrist: I don’t have a different response: my father’s middle name is W—-

Takia: I do apologize, I am not showing that response listed.

Takia: For security purposes, may I please verify your pet’s name?

Misha Angrist: I guess I’m stuck with my BillPay problem then, aren’t I?

Takia: If you have a general question, I will be able to assist you. If it is something specific, that requires me to access any information, a security question must be verified, before I can assist you.

Misha Angrist: Django is my pet’s name

Takia: Awesome.

Takia: I do show that listed.

Takia: We are currently updating our files. May I please verify your email and contact number?

Takia: I show your email as misha DOT angrist AT duke DOT edu and your contact number as 919——.

Takia: Are these correct, Mr. Angrist?

Misha Angrist: yes

Takia: Thank you.

Takia: How may I assist you today, Mr. Angrist?

Takia: Are we still chatting, Mr. Angrist?

Misha Angrist: I received an email today saying, “To continue receiving eBills for Duke Energy, you must re-enter your log-in and/or security information within online bill pay. Please log into your account at www.dukefcu.org and click the bill pay link. You may re-enter this information by clicking “Troubleshooting” within the eBill summary”. When I go to dukefcu.org and log onto my credit union account and click iBillPay, it is not obvious to me where I would enter that information or, for that matter, why I would need to re-enter my account number when they already have my account number.

Takia: I’ll be happy to assist you with this.

Takia: Were you able to access the payees site successfully, Mr. Angrist?

Takia: Also, in Bill Pay, to enter in the payee login, you will select ‘troubleshoot’, on your e-bill dashboard (Bill Pay’s Homepage).

Misha Angrist: You mean the Duke Energy page? Yes. But I’m in the process of moving–I was hoping to avoid having to go digging through boxes and track down an old bill in order to find my account number.

Takia: Thank you.

Takia: I do apologize for the inconvenience, however, at this time, we are experiencing technical difficulty communicating with your payee’s site. Please try to set up ebill for this payee at a later time.

Misha Angrist: that seems like a fitting end to this exchange…

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One Response to I suppose it beats a trip to the DMV

  1. Ruth Seeley says:

    Oh dear. Similar to my experience with Tech Support in which I tried to determine if my podcasting mic would work with my iPod Touch. ‘Do you make mics for the iPod Touch?’ I asked. ‘I don’t know,’ said Tech Support. ‘Well how can you offer tech support for my mic if you don’t know whether it’s made for or will work with an iPod Touch?’ ‘I can transfer you to Customer Service.’