But I don’t feel afraid

The gang at Genomes Unzipped is publishing their genome data (subscription) and its members are bringing their considerable analytical skills to bear:

“We hope that by sharing our experiences and publishing our data, people will see the genome in a clearer light,” said Daniel MacArthur, a geneticist who is leading the project.

“We want to show that genetic information need not be frightening and that the risks of publishing data can be managed.”

It may come as a colossal shock, but I happen to think this is a good thing:

…I contend that initiatives such as the PGP and Genomes Unzipped offer a real opportunity for everyone. They help to counter the view that genetic information is something to be feared, and that looking inside our own cells can only bring misery. As long as that idea prevails, our society will never overcome its DNA phobia and we will never demystify or destigmatise genetics.

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